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July 7th, 2009


Video games and the Inferno

First, a couple hilarious videos:

The LUIGI'S MANSION one is particularly hilarious to me because of the comments at the end.  To the eyes of the world, sure, the man is simple at best, a raving moonbat at worst.  But to those who are in the know, who possess a kind of gnostic truth, he is a comic genius turning an early Gamecube title into performance art.  I often feel like this when referencing Pokemon or Dune at random--a common pasttime of mine, much to the befuddlement of those around me.

On a more serious vein, there's this:

Dante's Inferno trailer

As an introduction, I should note that I'm a big fan of the GOD OF WAR games.  I'm somewhat hesitant to recommend them, given their ridiculously cranked up violence and bloodletting, but they are masterpieces as far as gameplay and storytelling are concerned.  It might be just me, but I can see some depth and genuine pathos in Kratos' plunge into ever deeper darkness and insanity in his quest for vengeance and, ultimately, a redemption that the gods of his pantheon cannot offer.  GOD OF WAR works as an awesome game, a modern Greek myth--with the tragedy, violence, and monsters characteristic thereof--and a critique of the mythology it presents.

I mention GOD OF WAR because the upcoming INFERNO game seems to run on a similar gameplay engine and share several elements: giant scary monsters, a unique weapon with chain-enhanced striking range, a furious protagonist with dark sins in his past, and an ultimately supernatural evil--Satan in INFERNO, Ares in GOD OF WAR.  Both protagonists plunge into Hell, although Kratos' stay is much shorter.

Now, as a Catholic, I consider Hell a grim reality and Satan as a real figure active in the destruction of souls.  So one might expect me to be a bit taken aback at using it simply as the setting for an action video game.

But, initially, I think this looks like it has much potential for awesome.  Cool gameplay aside, how often is it that one sees a major v-game or movie with this much seeming awareness of sin and its consequences?  Or that makes a Crusader the hero?  Or that uses the cross as such a solid emblem of goodness and holiness?  I even notice in the trailer that Dante's helmet features something that looks very reminescent of the Crown of Thorns.

Only time will tell, but intially, I'm optimstic.  Also, it reminds me that I really shouldn't be claiming any status as a student of Medieval history without having read the Divine Comedy.  Have to get busy on that.

Peace, all!