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August 18th, 2009


Nothing wrong a little dusting won't fix

I'm not dead yet!

I just moved into a new lair.  Conveniently located right next to my old one, which made moving a cinch, despite my rather large stash of books.  I'm currently laying down creep and spawning Sunken Colonies for defense while I upgrade my Hive.

In other news, I saw Miyazaki Hayao's latest film, PONYO.  Brilliant and wonderfully animated (as if I expected any less), with Miyazaki's trademark ability of making both the magical and the mundane extraordinary.  It veers more towards MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO than  PRINCESS MONONOKE, which is by no means a bad thing--the world can never have enough great childrens' movies.  Miyazaki's inability to retire once again yields rich fruit.  I particularly like how the adults take to magical goings-on with as much ease as the children, so we don't have half a movie devoted to tedious crap like "Son, you have a big imagination, but those are only fairy stories", or the oft-used "hide the supernatural being from the parents" plot.

I also appreciated a shout-out to my old friend ramen.  We still have many good times ahead of us before I graduate at last.

Moving is a strange experience for me.  I consider myself a man who is closely tied to home, particularly my own room, and my surroundings seem to form some critical lynchpin to my mental health.  I'm at ease when I'm surrounded by familiar books and posters, at ease in a familiar chair, with my familiar bed and bedspread ready to engulf me in sleep.  Which must mean I'm a homebody.

I wonder how this would play out if I ever get over to Japan for a significant length of time.  Only time will tell, and I am no prognosticator.

One more year of college, then graduation.  I'm shaking in my boots already.

Peace, all!